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Welcome to Smart Giant Africa, your partner in building the business of your dreams.

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Smart Giant Africa is a Global Management Consulting and Business Development Company, based in Zimbabwe, Canada, United Kingdom , United States of America and New Zealand, and was founded by two entrepreneurs with this vision:

"We believe that international business is not just a service or product; it is a relationship based on trust, integrity, and respect for other cultures and diversity, as well as the quality of our work, service and advice."

We assist private and public institutions in the development and implementation of international and global strategies.

Our Chairman, having worked in the United States and in international environments for 30 years with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and languages, has contributed to the meaning of success for Smart Giant Africa. Our founder has worked for American businesses that enabled US companies and institutions to bridge the gaps between global ambitions and the realities of profitable international business. He has assisted in the development and implementation of international and global strategies and business development throughout the US, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. In each of these endeavors, he has held highly influential senior executive-level positions. Some of the most challenging and complex of these opportunities have also been the most rewarding, and help drive our Mission.


Our mission is to understand your international needs and aspirations and to then help you achieve your goals. We work with you in an advisory-based relationship, seeking to maintain and enhance your international business success.


As the contours of today’s international business practices transform and shape those of tomorrow, the importance of mapping out sound international strategies to secure future profitability, growth, and stability increases. Dedicated to meeting the business objectives and expectations of our clients, Smart Giant Africa employs a disciplined, long-term approach to the development and implementation of international strategy to help our clients.

Our philosophy is simple: Successful international business is built on a strategy that focuses on the big picture. By taking a long-term view and establishing deep and valued relationships with our clients, we can provide a substantial level of comprehensive and personalized business service.

Our clients range from small companies to large corporations and non-profit institutions that desire to set-up or do business internationally. We help companies prepare and implement a total global strategy in a variety of key industries (i.e. aerospace, automotive, china industries, consumer goods and retail, education, energy, financial services, franchising, international family conglomerates, not-for-profits, industrial goods and services, offset programs and real estate).

We can introduce your manufacturing products, professional services, and/or investment banking products internationally. We search, evaluate and recommend international distributors, agents, investors and/or prospective joint venture partners.

We bring together the diverse and complementary talents of seasoned international business professionals.

We provide tremendous value and enhancement to your international management services and capability. Our resources, state-of-the-art technology, and business processes may be customized to address almost any international business matter and cross-border arrangements. Your company is provided with a step-by-step program to achieve a successful overseas venture and investment closing. If desired, we supply on-going consultation, relationship management, and investor relation services, for the duration of your venture.

What sets us apart from other similar companies?

• We provide both global management consulting and “hands-on” business development services.

• We not only develop, but also implement global strategies.

• We work to enable clients to achieve their international business objectives.

Focuses On Your Profit and Sales Targets

Whether your objectives emphasize developing an international strategy or implementing an existing strategy, the experience and knowledge of our consulting group will help you achieve your goals through an approach that you will find comprehensive, disciplined, and rewarding.

Our Business Consulting Team concentrates on your profit and sales target by helping you develop and implement international strategies that meet your goals.

We stress a disciplined, long-term approach to international business to help you determine your requirements and risk tolerance.

Offers Multiple, Tailored International Strategies That Consider Goals and Risks

 We offer customized services to our clients by developing a deep understanding of their individual needs and circumstances. Based on your specific goals and risk tolerance, we will help your company or institution build several international strategies that are customized for your short- and long-term objectives.

Provides Freedom of Strategic Choices

We strive to be objective, and offer you flexibility in your international strategic choices. With our international open-architecture approach, we will search for the best solutions and practices around the globe, wherever we can find them.

    4 Manby Road, Bluffhill, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Telephone #: +263772318019 and +263716510292
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    2885 Sanford Avenue SW, Grandville, Michigan 49418, United States of America
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  • Canada
    214 - 19138 26th Ave, Suite #N269770, Surrey, BC  V3Z 3V7, Canada
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    68 Tanners Drive, Suite #D269770, Blakelands, MK MK14 5BP, United Kingdom
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    NTT Tower, Level 16, 157 Lambton Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
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